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Funding Sustainable Future

We are very proud of our customers

About us

We empower micro and small businesses through right financial solutions

Developing Entrepreneurial Mongolia (DEM) – is non-bank financial institution led by experienced management with a common vision to contribute to sustainable development of entrepreneurs, micro and small enterprises in Mongolia.

Our vision

Become a lender of choice for entrepreneurs, micro and small entities and foster entrepreneurial success in Mongolia

Our mission

Develop entrepreneurship, promote financial inclusion, create new jobs and advance living standards of ordinary Mongolians through innovative financial solutions

Our values
  • We value our customers and we strive to support them in the most effective way
  • Trust is the cornerstone of our business and it will never be compromised
  • We are dedicated to create long-lasting impact
  • We encourage green, sustainable business solutions
  • We leverage from our talented and performance-oriented professionals
Products & Services

We provide tailored products and services based on the needs and potentials of our clients.

SME loan

SME Loan features quick processing and convenient repayment to reduce the burden on your finances and to take your business to the next level. by the readable content of a page when looking

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Credit line

Manage Your Cash-Flow Needs Credit line features quick processing and convenient access to loan whenever you need to meet your cash-flow needs

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Quick Loan

You can solve your unexpected needs with a quick loan.

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Green loan

Developing products or projects that contribute to greening our planet.

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Women entrepreneur loan

Comprehensive solution that provides women to start or expand their businesses.

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Consumer loan

A flexible loan product that can help you meet your personal unexpected financial needs

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Trust service

Trust service is a service to increase the client's money transferred on the basis of a contract.

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We are very proud of our customers

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