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Bidnii Dem NGO

In 2015, five graduates from Zorig Foundation’s annual Young Leadership Program formed Bidnii Dem NGO with a goal to support the livelihood and the education of disabled people of Mongolia.

As their first initiative, Bidnii Dem team decided to provide a source of income for disabled people and their caretakers who make handmade products. As a result, 15 participants were chose to participate in hands on training with professional mentors through several sessions. These trainings were followed by lectures of aspiring entrepreneurs on how to promote and sell their products in the market.

The team continued their efforts into setting up a website were disabled people and their caretakers can promote their products and make online sales. However, as a NGO, the team needed funding in order to create and launch the website. Although funding was hard to find, DEM NBFI provided the necessary funding to develop their ecommerce website.

Today, the NGO has started a new initiative to raise funding to purchase braille printer (color and tactile graphics features) and book binding equipment for 116th school of Mongolia, the only school that specializes in teaching visually impaired children. The school is funded by the government and currently has 108 children and fails to provide the necessary braille textbooks due to lack of funding and equipment to provide the education that the children deserve. With the help of the equipment that Bidnii Dem is working to provide, the school will have the capability to print text books that partially and fully blind children, along with their parents will be able to understand.

DEM NBFI executives are currently serving at the advisory board in order to promote and provide in fund raising opportunities.

Organization details

  • 2 years in operation
  • DEM helped to fund its operation cost and e-commerce website
  • Current project: fundraising for the school of visually impaired children to print textbooks
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